Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hot Mama Roast

OK girls, since I've started blogging it's all I think about. So today my goal is 2 post. I have so many in my head, hope they don't run out.

This is a recipe my Mom has made the whole time I was growing up. She would always make your birthday special by asking, "what you wanted for the meal?" Mine was always stuffed roast. It may be a little hot for some of you, but it is soooooo gooooood!!!!!

These are the ingredients I put in my little blender, peppers, salt, garlic, black & red pepper, and Tex Joy Steak Seasoning (just a little bit of all seasonings). Blend it up.

Now I season the roast on the outside and cut slits on the top almost all the way through to stuff it.

Now you can cook it on top of the stove or oven with a little bit of oil on the bottom of the pan. Cook it on med. low till the juices or gone and the roast starts to brown. Today I'm cooking mine on the grill in a bag. I'll post pictures later to show it to you.

Hope you enjoy it.

1 comment:

1210201341s29242 said...

Hello, it looks delicious ! What are these hot bag ? I never see that in France, are they foil ?

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