Saturday, June 21, 2008

Diana Lyn "Soy Candle Lady"

Oh my goodness, I had a surprise when I got my mail today. Sweet Diana Lyn sent me some of her tarts and candles just for helping her out with something. Now is that sweet or what. My husband got the mail and said you got something that smells good. I bet it was hard for that package to make it to my house and it was wrapped and double wrapped. So you know they are some strong candles. Thank you so much Diana Lyn, you went overboard. You need to check out her blog. and the website I'm telling you they are strong scent candles that burn clean.

If you haven't visited Jenny at you need to go see her talent. Her dolls are wonderful.

Have a Blessed Day,


Jenny said...

AHHHH, wow you are really cute!! Thanks for that, now I do not want to sound like a cry baby about my Thanks for the words of encouragement. I guess being new makes me a weee bit more fragile than most. :) good excuse, right?

Hmmm, I am gonna have to check out those candles. I love including candles in with the doll packages. YUMMY

Hugs to you ~


Diana Lyn said...

Hi Sweet Friend! SO glad you liked your Surprise! SURPRISE!!!!!! LOL which is your favorite? Going to check out Miss Jeenys dolls now! Hugs~ Diana Lyn

Connie said...

Calamity, I'm just a funny chick! Sheeesh.... I'm so glad you like my blog and my humor. I try, my little cupcake, I try!!

Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

So glad to see more and more people learning of Diana Lyn's candles! She's the BEST! You will be so thrilled with how long the scent lasts and lasts and lasts! I've burned my big jar candle for HOURS and HOURS and still it sweetly perfumes my home, even when it's not lit. There are no candles like hers!

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