Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh my, it's been a week!

I have been able to visit a few blogs and many more on my list are needing to be read. I can't believe I have over 400 and still find talent everyday out in blog land. I've learned not to look at night because I can't shut off my mind on all the things that can be made. Does anyone else do this? If I could sew in my sleep I would....
I met up with our little sewing bee today and you can count on fun and laughter being made but creativeness is always at the top of our list. I know I showed Ethel's container pattern last week, but she made a cute one with a rooster tapestry and I had to let you see this one. I'm adding her pattern to my website and can even send it direct instead of mail if you prefer. She has also designed the 4 sided and 6 sided trash can, that collapse to take with you on all those fun retreats.
I worked on a purse project from scraps and cleaned up some embroidery I'm sewing into a quilt. Didn't get very far due to leaving a fabric home. What was I thinking.
Here is a couple of pictures of our bee.

Keep Stitchen'


Nedra said...

Talented friends, Bonnie. How sad you left your fabric at home. I'm sure some of the others would be happy to have you work on their projects to help out!

Julia said...

I'm with you Bonnie..if only there were more hours in the day!
It takes time to get around all our favourite blogs, and so much talent is right..
So glad i made it over here today..Great post.
Julia ♥

Barb said...

That trash can is awesome!!!

Stina said...

Nice to see you sewing .. and company is so fun..:o) Love that trash can.. clever idea!! :o)

Quilt Hollow said...

I need more hours in a day...never felt I had to before quilting!
Your friends are very talented...enjoyed seeing the trash bin (too pretty for that!)

Maggey and Jim said...

Love the projects. I know what you mean bout shutting the brain down..There are so many wonderful talented people out there. I am so proud to know them,

Anita in Florida said...

OMG...that rooster cover is weakness...
As far as sleeping....and dreaming...I'm ALWAYS 'dreaming' up stuff...funny!

Connie said...

Really nice projects, I love to search the blogs you can find a lot of talent people. Enjoy you blogs. I think every one who like to sew, would like to have more time. HAPPY SEWING!

belinda said...

Such a cute rooster cover....ok...just as long as you get a little sewing done...any amount makes me feel better!!

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