Monday, March 15, 2010

Bright Maverick Stars from scraps

I love making these little stars and using scraps from all the apron leftover fabrics. They are made with Bonnie K Hunters free pattern @ and this is her blog I'm so excited she is going to speak at one of our Guild meetings this year. Easy, easy and you should see the little bitty ones Belinda made @, she used even smaller scraps. Once you start making them you just can't get enough.
This is what I started with, scraps from around the neck of the aprons cut out.
Then I cut 2 1/2" squares around some of the roosters.
This is what I had left to make the little star ends. Below is what I used for my 2 1/2" blocks.

When I was setting up at Canton Texas Trade Days, I sold aprons when they first made the big comeback. Could not keep them on the shelves. So I had a cutter cut them for me (bolts at a time). Now I have big tubs of scraps that are just waiting for me to dig into and that's where the little roosters bright fabric came from. I get the biggest thrill using up scraps. Some people call us hoarders, I don't know why but I never have cared for that name. Maybe we can make up one for fabric hoarders, like foarders or something. LOL
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belinda said...

WOO HOO....your little stars are just w-a-y too cute...LOVE me some stars that's for sure! They are kind of addicting aren't too! That word 'hoarder' always kind of bothered me too...I have decided that word only applies to those whose stash is messy....LOL...if you are more neat than messy then that word doesn't count!! HA!

Pat said...

I think I need to consider this "starry" project! Yours looks great.

Barb said...

Sooo striking...thanks for the site and info.....they look wonderful!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Hey Bonnie! Those look so fabulous & perfect pick me up for spring! I think the quilts made from scrap turn out to be more interesting than from particular sets of material!
Happy Spring to you!

Carrie P. said...

Wow those stars look great on that blue background.
Bonnie has been to our guild and she has some great quilts for you to see.
I just did a post of a string quilt blocks that was from a class I took with her.

Anonymous said...

Stunning Stars, Bonnie!!!! I love love love the background fabrics.

Yes, I love RED too! I am definitely a red person! :)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I love scraps too. Love the chickens and love the stars. Isn't there soup like that! :-)

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