Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vacation, Economy, Quilt, Fabric Sale, Giveaway, SSCS, Angel Swap and Rambling

Vacation, Economy, Quilt, Fabric Sale, Giveaway, SSCS, Angel Swap and Rambling

Boy, I have a lot to talk about. First I'll talk about the good things, we are going on a little vacation, not very far. With gas prices, just far enough away to relax and get some family time and stitchen' in. We leave Friday and I'm trying to cook some things and freeze before we leave. I hope to post tomorrow a Mexican Casserole dish I make. It is so good and you can freeze it for a later date.

Another happy thought I wanted to post a picture of a quilt I had done and it hung in the shop for decorations at Christmas time. I am now cutting out another one to make for myself, due to a lady begging me to sale her that one. (could kick myself for doing it) It is one of the first patterns I had made. Now I'm working on some other patterns and hope to have them posted soon. So below is Mr. Santa.
Now if he doesn't get you in the Christmas mode, (not to decorate) but to start and finish some gifts, I don't know what will. He's looking at you and checking his list.

OK, here is a bad thought, good thought. ECONOMY!!! I don't like listening to the news anymore. I know it's not right of me to want to bury my head and have you wake me up when it's over, but that is the way I feel. After having a shop and struggling to keep it open, I moved on to better ways and one is online. So here comes the good news. I know as a quilter/seamstress I want fabric, patterns or you know the fix we have to have. I'm lowering (is that a word) the prices on my fabric and patterns. I hope to have all the fabric at $6.50 a yard, I mainly carry Moda and Alexander Henry at this time. I'm setting up shop as we speak and after the vacation will be taking pictures and putting all of it online (which should have taken place already) So look for all this to take place in about a week.

Another happy thought is having things cut out and ready to sew for my Angel Swap partner and my SSCS to take with me on our trip.

Now that I have rambled on and on I still want to remind everyone to sign up for the giveaway. If you don't wear aprons, maybe it could be a gift for you to give to the hostess. See post on September 26th for APRON GIVEAWAY!!!

Come on back for the recipe tomorrow.


StitchinByTheLake said...

Hi Bonnie, I'm anxious to see your fabrics, especially the Moda ones! Hope your vacation is wonderful and restful. blessings, marlene

Carrie P. said...

Enjoy your vacation. I love Mexican food so I will check out your recipe. Santa quilt is very cute.

Tracy said...

I love the Santa quilt!


Lady Dorothy said...

What a lot of work went into that quilt! How big is it? It looks quite large.

Have a joyful vacation!

Dzintra Ingrid said...

Know what you mean about the economy ... enjoy your break and hope you get lots of stitching done. Thanks for a look at the Santa. Will call back for your recipe. Blessings Dzintra

Kimonos and Sushi said...

Love Santa. Can't wait for the post for the Mexican Food.Have a great time away and get plenty of rest.

Cheryl said...

Hi Bonnie - well I will definitely be buying from you! Can't wait to check out what you have to intice us all :-)!! And a yummy recipe coming..will be checking on that too. Hope you have a wonderful getaway. Great Santa quilt!!!!!!!!

Jean said...

Hey you can ramble on all you want. We'll listen. The Santa quilt is too cute. You have a wonderful vacation, and I will look forward to the recipe.
Jean in Virginia

~ Donna ~ said...

Hi Bonnie, I am so happy to see you back online! Cant wait for the mexican casserole recipe - make sure it feeds 7? LOL

Have a wonderful vacation... you deserve it.

Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

Can't wait to see the online offerings!

Jan said...

Ihave just been to Marlene's blog and found you ,I will be back ,loveit ,I sew knit patch work and 'stuff'! ...love Jan xx

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