Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Winners will be posted July 16th-Go see Old Red Barn Quilt Giveaway!

The giveaway is now closed and I have all of the names in a bag. My two little drawers will pick the names tomorrow, well I'm posting after 12:00, so it is today they will draw. Good Luck to everyone.

This giveaway is something special. Go see the beautiful quilt Dana has made, www.oldredbarnco.blogspot.com/


Garage sale gal said...

Hi Bonnie,
Thank you for your very sweet words :) You are such a kind person and I'm happy to know you through blogland :) The quilt Dana made is Beautiful :). Maybe I'll be a winner of your goodies..I'll check back.Thanks. Warmly, Deb

Jeffer Shen said...

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