Friday, April 27, 2012

I've been out of commission, and it all changed

Not sure what I'm doing on this new blogger, but we will see when I publish this post. 

Well, I've been out of commission due to a sciatic joint going out, no sewing until now and I've been creating some vintage looks for little girls. These have already sold, so more styles will be listed soon on Calamity Jane's Cottage soon. The top picture is a belt for a little girl and then every girl needs some Lacey Capri's.

Hope everyone has been doing fine.

Keep Stitchen'

PS: I'm saying this is a test post. 


Carrie P. said...

those are so pretty. glad to have you back and better.

Carla said...

Glad to see a post from you. It's been a while. Those were pretty

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