Sunday, January 8, 2012

2 MONTHS, oh my!!! Wristlets anyone?

The Christmas Decor has gone up and come down and I haven't been on the blog with any updates, shame on me, and not even a Merry Christmas to everyone. Is it too late...? I was so caught up with family get together, shows and sewing I might have a little excuse.

The pictures above are some new little projects I've been working on. Thank you Geraldine for sitting down with me and showing me step by step. They are from Embroidery Garden
If you haven't been to their store and looked at the designs she has, you need to stop by. This design is all done in the hoop. I only have the 5 X 7 hoop, but they have it for the larger hoops. Zipper, quilting and assembly all done in hoop. Love it.

Keep Stitchin'



Pat said...

Love those little wristlets! Great job on them!!!

Janet O. said...

Can I admit to not knowing what a wristlet is and still show my face in public? They sure are cute, whatever their purpose. : )

andsewon said...

Time fly's by doesn't it!! Love your lil cute bags!!

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