Friday, February 27, 2009



I know I usually only talk about sewing, but I thought I would tell a story now and then. Love reading some on the other blogs and I can't show any pictures of things that I'm working on at this time because they are for swap groups.

The stories will always be called "Have You Ever", so if they don't call for your reading you can skip that post. I'm not sure how many I'll post but they are about little things that have happened in my life.

My husband, as you all know, is kinda out of order with his shoulder and all he can do is think about the fish that everyone is catching right now. We were talking about this last night and I thought about when we were first married.

We use to go camping and I mean camping. Tent, little camp stove, lantern, the whole works. Back then we could sleep on the floor and it didn't bother us. Those were the days. Went fishing all weekend, could eat anything because we were both so skinny. You know the s'mores, hamburgers, hot dogs, maybe even two or more. Built us a fire every night and cuddled. Don't you just wish you could go back there sometimes.

Well anyway it was at the end of the weekend and we had at that time a little aluminum boat. Had a little motor on the back, probably 25 hp and we thought it went so fast or at least I did.
At the end of our trip, husband says, "Do you want to back up the trailer or bring the boat around to load it on the trailer". I thought now I have never done neither one but I sure didn't want to jack knife the trailer into our old used truck so I selected to drive the boat around. He cranked it and got it going in the right direction. I'm sitting with a grin from ear to ear taking off. Well, I forgot to ask how to stop it. I was driving around and around with this same speed, fassssst to me hoping it would run out of gas.

Husband on the bank yells out, "Beach it", (my reaction) you have got to be kidding. A little crowd had gathered by now, so after a few more circles, hoping they would go away but didn't, I head for the sand. That boat was out of the water all the way and I thought I was going to be out of the boat.

Just a little memory, that came back. I thought I could offer to take him fishing but I knew one of these things would have to be done by me. Backing up the trailer or getting the boat (lot bigger and faster now) around! Better stay home.

Monday, February 23, 2009



It all started with this little apron I picked up for a $1.00 (the white one). I wanted to fancy it up and add garden items to it for my Sister-In-Laws Birthday. Well that just wouldn't work, well it could but you might as well sew a new one. I had these dish towels and my mind started going. Just think of all the things you can do. Personalize it, applique on it or even add jewels all over. So here is a fast little project to make.

Make one top pocket by folding up a 6" pleat and about 2" from the top edge

Now fold another pleat to make 2nd pocket. I folded it where the bottom of each pocket meets.

Sew the bottom of the pockets. I lifted the front edge and sewed the bottom edge. Does that make since? Look at picture below. That seam catches both pockets. The lower edge now lays a little bit further down in the front over the pocket seam. I would give measurements but each dish towel is different in size.

Sew along the side of the apron through all layers. You also need to sew through all layers to make pockets. I did two seams to have three pockets.

I cut 3 strips from a fat quarter, that measured 2"X18". This will be the band and ties. Plus another piece for the loop that measured 2"X 7". Sew the 3 pieces together and then fold in half and sew lengthwise, 1/4" seam. This piece will then measure 1"X 54". I left a opening in the center of this long piece to turn. I have a picture but it turned out blurry. Turn and iron.

You also need to sew the 2"X7" piece for the loop. Turn and press.

Lay the loop up at the top of the apron and center the band and tie length piece over it. You need to center the band on the towel at this time.

Pin in place, I put the band over the very top edge, so the towel is not showing. Sew over both edges, top and bottom, of band catching towel and loop in seams.

The towel I used had a loop on the wrong side to put a towel through. This makes it great for a gardener to have a towel for wiping hands.

Add a few seeds and a pair of gloves.

Every lady need a pair of pruning clippers. The towel is hanging on the side.

Hope you know someone that you could make a fast gift for.

Sew Simple.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

OP-A few of my blocks

OP-A few of my blocks

Are they wild enough for you?
Can't wait for you to see what I'm going to make, I hope it turns out like I want it to. They are not sewn together, so you'll have to come back. Husband goes back to work tomorrow so maybe I can get organized again.
Keep Stitchen'

Saturday, February 21, 2009

And the Winner is---------

And the Winner is Susan Ramey from

Susan I will be emailing you and this is what you won. The apron pictured below in the first post and then I had to make you a towel to go with it. I also am sending you the fat quarters that I used in the OP retreat block. I'm posting pictures tomorrow of my finished ????

Thank you all for entering and to Pat for hosting the blog hop and retreat. Don't forget we still have Sunday to go.

Blog Hop for OP-Giveaway

Blog Hop for OP-Giveaway

I know everyone is having fun @ Pat Sloan's virtual retreat. Just click on the button at the sidebar and it will take you to her blog with all the latest news and pictures. She has come up with the cutest block that you can do so much with. I'm working on some of mine and hope to have something added to the apron I'm giving away before the end of the day. The apron is fully lined and ties at the side. A back view is in a post below. I had to see the block before I got started on another giftie to give. There will also be a fat quarters of all the fabric I use.
Update-Company came and my item I'm adding to the giveaway is going to be later tonight. It's turning out cute girls.

I'll be posting during the day so check back with me.

I am also putting all my fabric on sale @ $5.95 a yard today on the web site. , but you have to email me @ to be able to get sale and a total.

Just leave a comment on this post and you will be entered.

Pat has an "OP Coupon" that is a great deal, just hop over to her blog, these are some of her patterns and books I have. Some on the list to get. Love her patterns. Make sure and check her new design:

"Arabella" she has the kit and fabric.

Have Fun!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Look what came in the mail today!!!

Look what came in the mail today!!!

"Thank you so much Stephanie"

The package was wrapped so cute and you just know what kind of a seamstress a person is by just the cover, at least I think so. Stephanie @ had a giveaway the other day and I won. If you haven't gone to Stephanie's blog, you need to go see the inspiration and talent she has.

The little bag is a perfect size and I finally have a tea wallet. I love tea and can carry some with me now. Look at the little silver spoon, it has a teapot on top. Now if you have read my blog or gone to the shop, I have you know I adore aprons and this pattern and the tea cozy pattern is something going on my to-do list. The towels go with my kitchen, I need to find out the source on them.
More news will be posted tomorrow on the OP Blog Hop. Special deals and something added to the giveaway.

Thanks again,

Wednesday, February 18, 2009



Don't forget I'm giving away the apron-and if it turns out real big there might have to be a second prize.

Lots of fun and I wanted to show some new items I'm adding tomorrow to the web-shop. Fabric in what color and some patterns.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tutorials on Potholders and a giveaway!

Tutorials on Potholders and a Giveaway!

Lola @ is having a giveaway of her potholders she did a tutorial on. I told her if I had these I might not have my arm looking like it does at this time. I love all the pot holder tutorials out there.

Here are a few-

Nanette's tutorial is precious @

Stephanie @ made the log cabin cute potholders

Regan @

Beki @

Lucy @

Remember the looms, I made many of these growing up

I need to remember this one to make with the grandbabies, great gift to give daughter - Kati @

Just thought you might like to go to a few for fast gifts!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Don't do this!!!

Don't do this!!!

Well I have a wonderful recipe for you, but don't do what I did.

My Salsa

1 Large Can of Rotel Tomatoes

1 Can of Rotel Hot Tomatoes

1 tsp Cumin

1TBS Cilantro

1 tsp Garlic Powder

1/2 tsp Salt

1/2 tsp Black Pepper

Put in blender or food processor and mix. Heat in Microwave, but not for 5 minutes...

This is what could happen

I had no idea the bowl was going to fold up and spill all over my arm. OUCH!!!

I had Salsa on the ceiling, cabinets, counter across the kitchen and all over the floor. I was raised where we always laughed when things like this happened. After I yelled OUCH, I did start laughing and cleaning. Sharon, this is good to eat on a diet too. Just not with chips.

It really is good Salsa, just don't heat it for 5 minutes.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

We have a Winner!!!

We have a Winner!!!

Second grandbaby drew and first grandbaby tried to read it.

I'm sorry this is a late post but I just got the grandbabies back home, but before they left I had them draw the winner. Drum roll please, I still have to email her, so as soon as I get through posting about it, I'll send her a message.

Thank you all who entered and for visiting my blog, I'll have more giveaway's in the future and hopefully daily post. I gotta get everyone well.

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