Thursday, January 29, 2009

Giveaway for 100th Post!!!

Giveaway for 100th Post!!!

I'm sorry this has taken a while for me to post but this is the first day I have had time to post about it. Grandbaby is doing fine and husband is better each day.
I'm making some kits to put online in the shop, so I thought I would post one to giveaway and I'm thinking SPRING. So the colors I selected are pinks and greens. Just leave me a post here for the giveaway and if you would like to buy one I'm going to list it under Newly Listed @ the website

It will include the booklet "Turning Twenty...Again" and 12 fat quarters for $26.00 plus $5.00 shipping. This makes a lap size quilt

(48 1/2" X 64 1/2") or (60 1/2" X 76 1/2" with 6 1/2" border-not included)
Good Luck, I'm not sure when I will have the drawing at this time.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Handwork and buttons needs to be added...

Handwork and buttons needs to be added

I still have a lot to do on the wall hanging which is turning out a little bit large by the time I add the border. I just start drawing it out and I should do better on measurements. Could be a cute tablecloth for the Spring. Touch of buttons and 3/D flowers and the worm needs some personality added.

Now I wish I did more needle turn applique like Carrie @

She does beautiful work and this will be done at another time, but I'm in a hurry with this pattern.

I have projects with handwork lined up for the rehab visits already. (Tea Swap and PIF, can't show them)Husband is doing a lot better and I want to thank you for all the well wishes.

This is my 100th Post, so that means it is time for another giveaway, I will get it together and post a picture hopefully tomorrow. Grand babies surgery is in the morning. Busy, Busy...

Keep Stitchen'

Friday, January 23, 2009

First Grandbaby trip to pre-op for hospital!!!

First Grand baby 4 Years Old
Trip to Pre-Op For Hospital Visit
I have to tell you a quick story about our grand baby's visit to get ready to get her tonsils out. She will have surgery Tuesday and this was to take blood before surgery.
All the way there she was just picking at her baby sister telling her, "You have to get a shot" and my daughter did not tell her any different or correct her because she is our drama QUEEN. They go in and when my daughter put her in the chair instead of baby sister, she took off. Now our daughter is expecting and she takes off after her. They get her back in the chair and they have 3 ladies holding her. She is really a good child except for shots or doctor visit. This is what this little 4 year old is shouting at the top of her lungs.
"God help me, God help me!!!" The nurse tells her "That's the one Person to go to asking for help honey."
She already knows who to call on.
I'll have pictures of the quilt top tomorrow. Not quilted yet, but coming along.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Postman Came...

I won Lani's giveaway on Whirl into Winter, that Debi put together. If you haven't visited Lani's blog, you need to go. She is full of life and living with laughter. Look at what all she sent. Thank you so much Lani.

Lani is having a Valentine giveaway that is going to be fun. She will be adding gifts through out and you have to be able to know what she has added to get your name in the hat more than once. This is what she has started with and that is a loot in itself.

Thank you again Lani!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Loser Monday-Yea!!!

I promise I didn't weigh like this...but I did lose 3 lbs. Off to the hospital tomorrow and husband will be home for 4 weeks. He wants to lose weight too, so I'm going to cook low fat while he's off and we have to start exercising. Can't wait for all the low fat desert recipe's you ladies will come up with.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My SEWING is not going fast enough...

I'm fixing to sit and sew again, but wanted to show the progress on the wall hanging. It will have applique added after I get the quilt put together.

My husbands surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, so I wanted to get it further along so I could do some handwork. This wall hanging came about to put in my sewing room. Well we just got a new bedroom set and I moved the antique armoire into the sewing room. If you could see my little room, it is almost wall to wall furniture. I'll have to take a picture after I get it all settled. I'm not sure there will be enough wall space to hang this. I've got the curtain fabric bought and just need to decide how I'm making them.
Be watching for my 100th post giveaway coming soon!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winner IS...

Winner Is...
True Random Number ServiceRandom Integer GeneratorHere are your random numbers:11 Timestamp: 2009-01-15 22:44:17 UTC
I used the Random Number Service because I didn't have anyone to pick the #. Congratulations Rachel, I'll be emailing you soon.
Thank you all for entering and don't forget my 100th post giveaway is coming up soon!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Last Day To Enter!!!

Last Day To Enter!!!
Please go down to January 1st Post to enter in the giveaway. Thank you all who have entered and I will have the drawing @ 4:00 pm 1/15/09.
I'm almost at my 100th post so I will have another giveaway to celebrate this.

Monday, January 12, 2009



and It's Monday already...(DIET)

How I've wanted to sew. When I get stressed out the sewing machine just calls my name. I was able to sew just a little and it felt like my muscles are getting a little relax. Isn't it funny how sewing makes some people relax and others, it can tie them in a knot.

Here is a picture of the wall hanging I'm designing and putting in my sewing room, which I need to take before and after picture of the room. I'm finally home from shows and I really want to fix it up. Look for more pictures to come, I might get a little bit more time in tonight to sew. Yea!!!

Today's Dr's visit for my husband-found out surgery needs to be asap because he has a large tear. My brother is still in the hospital, so time is spread thin, but I hope to get around and visit everyone.

Isn't this the cutest fat baby, that's what I feel like!

I had to cover it's little booty.

I know girls I'm suppose to report on diet, I have to get a wide lens for my camera first before I can show a picture. Well I've tried to be good and ate as healthy as I could on the road, but no exercises. I have to do this to make any progress. I promise I will do better next week. Sharon, don't crack that whip to hard.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Let's see where do I start. My husband went for an MRI today, because he lifted a deer up and tore his rotators cuff. (We found out today) I told him every time he took a bite of deer meat I was going to say $50.00 ching ching. He told me by the time it's over with, it will probably be $100.00.
Then my daughter called, just got back from the Dr's office with 1st grand baby. Tonsils and adenoids need to come out.
Then I got a call from the hospital, my brother has been admitted. I just got home and it is 2:00 AM. I'll have to go back in the morning, not sure what is wrong.
I'll try to get back to posting later.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Pattern Coming Soon! Blog Buzz!

New Pattern Coming Soon!

Look at these colors, but I promise it's going to look great when it's through. Hopefully by next week I'll have it quilted and finished.

Blogland has great news traveling from blog to blog. Just look at the side bar for all the things going on. All the goals we have set and WILL accomplish is being read by everyone and I know all of us can do it. What is that saying, "We are Women and we are Strong". I'll be checking on everyone, if it's faith, weight, projects, health, better jobs, etc. We can do it!!!

I'll be posting sewing projects, recipe's for us trying to lose weight and trash to treasures this year (at least that is my goal) to do list.
Have to remind you, please go below for a chance to win prizes=six new Romantic Homes Magazines, fat quarters, quilt book, apron pattern and no telling what.

Gotta get busy,

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Round of Pay It Forward-PIF Oh I forgot to add my post on dieting...

New Round of Pay It Forward-PIF
I joined Linda's PIF so you know what that means, I need to do the same. So here are the rules and we are doing handmade gifts.
It’s the Pay It Forward Exchange. It’s based of the concept of the movie “Pay it Forward” where acts or deeds of kindness are done without expecting something in return, just passing it on, with hope that the recipients of the acts of kindness are passed on. So here’s how it works. I will make and send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment to this post on the blog requesting to join this PIF exchange. I do not know what that gift will be yet, and it won’t be sent this month, probably not next month, but it will be sent (within 6 months) and that’s a promise! What YOU have to do in return, then, is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.
I get so excited about this and can't wait to get started.
OK Sharon, here goes, I got out today and bought oranges and grapes, they looked pretty good. I baked a chicken with carrots, celery and new potatoes with Lipton onion soup mix and we had string beans with this. I thought I did pretty good for the first day. Now I need to go and get new shoes for some kind of work out. I'm not as brave as you on showing pictures but will have a lb lost post. Come on girls we can do this.
Don't forget to sign up for the Whirl Into Winter giveaway in the post below!!!
Update PIF is now closed, thanks for joining

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year and the Winner! *Whirl Into Winter Giveaway Added*Picture added at the bottom

Winner- Rachel @
Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

The Winner and

*Whirl Into Winter Giveaway*

Picture added at the bottom

I've been busy and non-stop since before Christmas and I hope to slow down now. My friend Jeanie and I had a booth in Dallas with Antiques and we closed it this week. It's sad for us to end this part of the adventure, due to the economy. She lives in Dallas and I'm 5 hours away, but we hope to still stay in touch. It was a lot of hard work, but we had so much laughter that went on, when the two of us got together the hard work was just looked over (except when we couldn't walk cause our feet hurt so much).

Now for the New Year, I pray that everyone has a great year to come their way.

Time for New Beginnings. . . . . . . . . . .

Taylor Addison, Blue Mountain Arts, 1989

"This is a time for reflection as well as celebration.
As you look back on the past year and all that has taken place in your life,
Remember each experience for the good that has come of it and for the knowledge you have gained.
Remember the efforts you have made and the goals you have reached.
Remember the love you have shared and the happiness you have brought.
Remember the laughter, the joy, the hard work, and the tears.
And as you reflect on the past year, also be thinking of the new one to come.
Because most importantly, this is a time of new beginnings and the celebration of life."

"The winner of the magazines is-Drum Roll Please---"

Janet @ Idaho Quilter-congratulations!!!

I'm off to email Janet and I'm sure she can use the magazines to read living up North.

*Last I just found out about Debi's Whirl Into Winter Giveaway*

Click on icon to go to her giveaway blog and read all about it.

I guess I've been getting on the computer and getting off to fast and didn't read about this event. I'll be giving away the 6 magazines again, fabric and patterns to help keep you busy for the winter months ahead. I'll post a picture of it all tomorrow. Sorry my camera is full. You can post here or anytime on a post after this one. Just let me know what your goal is for the oncoming year. Here is the picture of the fabric-fat quarters cut, book-Vintage Style Quilts, apron pattern and the 6 new magazines listed in post below will be in the giveaway. I thought this fabric could be used for the upcoming projects for Christmas next year.

I will be back soon to show the pictures of the new projects I'm working on.

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